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The management of the service laboratory is intended to provide adequate service to customers, so that customers can feel satisfied with the services provided in the laboratory. Forms of service that can satisfy customers include speed of test results, clarity of interpretation of analytical data, ease of access to information and financing that is comparable to service. Management involves the integration and coordination of various resources contained within the organizational structure.

Education Laboratory is an academic support facility at an educational institution, which uses equipment and materials based on certain scientific methods in the context of implementing Education. While Calibration is the process of direct proof to the international system of units of measure that the scale of measurement or the requirements of the unit of measure have been met. In testing laboratories accredited to ISO 17025, the tool calibration process is a mandatory requirement that must be met.

When analogized as food. We have the power to choose what foods we eat. The choice is in our power. But when it enters the body, we do not have the power to choose what can be processed and what should not be processed. The body has auto-processed whatever we eat. A good choice will produce good output, and vice versa. The analogy also applies to social media. We can choose what we will ‘consume’.

The Only Organizer of the Chemical Analysis Study Program in Yogyakarta

Chemical Analysis Study Program at the Diploma Program of the Islamic University of Indonesia is the FIRST Chemical Analysis study program that has been accredited as EXCELLENT by the National Agency for Higher Education and is internationally certified from ASIIN Germany, has a laboratory that has been certified to ISO 17025, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001. and has a Professional Certification Institute ( LSP) which is licensed by the National Professional Certification Agency so as to be able to produce graduates with the expertise to compete at the level of the Asean Economic Community (MEA)



Chemical Analysis Study Program Diploma Program at Islamic University of Indonesia is a professional education program that bridges the birth of a young professional at the intermediate level in the field of chemical analysis

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