Social media is an interesting topic to discuss. All circles have now enjoyed the social media platforms presented by the creators. Toddlers, even babies, have been made social media by their parents. Whether aiming for existence, gaining rupiah, or just for fun.

Based on data, internet users in Indonesia reach 63 million users and 95% of them use social media. The same source stated that the top three reasons people in the world use the internet are to get information, keep in touch with friends/family and keep up to date with the latest news and events.

In a day, the average Indonesian is able to spend 6 hours 54 minutes using the internet. In this fast-paced era, it is not surprising that a quarter of the day is spent surfing, both for entertainment and for work. Advances in technology require us to always improve our capabilities in this regard.

Lately, social media users are often associated with the FOMO phenomenon, namely the Fear of Missing Out. Launching from, FOMO is the feeling or perception that other people are having fun, having a better and happier life when we are not in it. We become like to compare ourselves and envy the happiness of others so that it affects our self-esteem. FOMO can occur if we are not wise in using social media. Anything in excess will certainly have a negative impact. We need to pay attention to the dose in social media, there are certain limitations that need to be observed; such as duration, age-appropriate content, correctness of information, etc. Scrolling through Instagram may be fun, but parents, spouses and children also need us to accompany them. May Allah give long life and blessings to them and us. Amen

In addition to the negative impacts, there are also benefits obtained from the ease of internet access. Among them are increasing knowledge/insight, providing convenience in establishing relationships even though long distances, getting entertainment, etc. However, we are often faced with a greed for information. So much information that we get in cyberspace. Whether it’s positive or negative, right or wrong. Our souls are always thirsty for information that is being hit, so that sometimes we forget the truth of the information. The need to sort out the information and content we consume will affect our mindset.

Let us analogize it as food. We have the power to choose what foods we eat. Do you choose fruit or choose fried foods that are so alluring. The choice is in our power. But when it enters the body, we do not have the power to choose what can be processed and what should not be processed. The body has auto-processed whatever we eat. A good choice will produce good output, and vice versa. The analogy also applies to social media. We can choose what we will ‘consume’ (for example: whether we choose to enjoy gossip accounts or read self-improvement books). It’s up to you

Regarding the amount of information on social media. The author quotes Surah Al-Hujurat verse 6:


QS Al-Hujurat 6: O you who believe, if someone who is wicked comes to you with news, then examine the truth, so that you do not harm a people because of ignorance (recklessness), which in the end you will regret your actions.

Allah commands us to examine the truth of an information, so that we do not do carelessness to harm and even oppress others. We need to remember together, every action we do will be held accountable before God. May Allah protect us from useless deeds. Amen

Aprisilia Risky Wijaya, S.TP.

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