The Profile of Graduates of the D III Chemical Analysis Study Program is “Competent Graduates To Carry Out Controlled Chemical Analysis or Testing, Characteristics of Leadership, entrepreneurship, and Lifelong Learners” which is formulated based on the role of graduates in the world of work and KKNI. Based on the graduate profile, there are five core competencies that a graduate must possess, namely leadership, competent, entrepreneurship, lifelong learner, and chemical testing / analysis.

Strategy for Achievement

Graduate Profile

Educational Philosophy of the Islamic University of Indonesia

The operations of the Indonesian Islamic University are guided by two basic values, namely dedication (worship) and excellence. This value is lowered into an educational goal that is determined to produce graduates who are qualified in their chosen fields of science and master Islamic science, which makes them ready to become Muslim scholars and future leaders of the nation. (Extracted from Articles 7 and 9 of the Statute of the Islamic University of Indonesia 2017)